The “gig economy” is thriving—and for good reason. For starters, side gigs offer the opportunity to supplement your income and gain additional financial security. At the same time, they allow you to monetize something you’re passionate about. Win-win.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a side business, you’re not alone. According to a recent Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Report, 53% of workers have or intend to have a second source of income outside of their main jobs. By comparison, that’s up from 36% in February 2020.

The timing for a side gig couldn’t be better. A new business may be just what you need to kick-start the fall back-to-school season.

With Norwex®, you have the opportunity to earn extra money and make an impact. Our global Mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. For over 27 years, we’ve been creating Safe Havens through our effective, safe and sustainable cleaning and personal care products.

As summer winds down and the kiddos head back to class, here are 5 reasons why a side gig—and Norwex—might be tailor-made for you.  

1. You may have more free time during the school year.  

There’s no question that work and kids can be a juggling act. The beauty of a side gig is that you control your own schedule. Work when you want, as much as you want, and still be available for carpool, after-school activities and other family priorities and responsibilities. 

2. You’re able to work from home, helping to eliminate or reduce the sky-high cost of childcare.

Results of a May 2021 Bankrate survey showed parents, on average, will spend over $750 per child, per month during the school year. With Norwex, you may earn extra income while continuing to run your business from home and not have to decide between work you love and taking care of your kids.

3.  At the same time, you may also find you have additional school-related expenses.

Kids need clothing, shoes, school supplies, books—the list can seem endless. There are also costs associated with sports, clubs, lessons, and other extra-curricular activities. The Norwex Opportunity not only provides a way to generate extra income—you can influence how much you make by the time and effort you put into your business.

There’s even more good news on the financial front. You can start a Norwex side gig for free* and earn a 35% Discount on everything you sell. And when you join before noon, CT, September 1, 2021, you’ll have 6 months complimentary access to all our professional, proven effective marketing and sales tools.

4.  Back to school opens up opportunities to network with other parents—exactly what you need to get your Norwex gig up and running.

The more people you meet, the more likely you’ll encounter like-minded parents concerned with creating safer, healthier homes for their families. When you find a company you believe in—that has products you’re passionate about—it’s simply a matter of sharing it with others. Again, the timing is opportune. As individuals continue to get out more, you can provide just what they need to help them lead sustainable and safer lifestyles. Our exclusive microfiber, for example, removes up to 99% of bacteria from surfaces with water alone!**  

Chances are, you’ve also gotten accustomed to working remotely. If you’re more comfortable doing business via Zoom or online, our comprehensive digital tools offer invaluable support to help you build your business.

Personal growth is yet another benefit. You may find yourself, like many of our Consultants, building your own Team once you discover all Norwex has to offer.

5. You can start saving for the holidays.

With the holidays less than five months away, consider putting away money now for gifts and travel. By the time they’re here, you may be able to enjoy the season with less stress—and less debt.

Or maybe you have other financial goals, like saving for some new furniture, that dream vacation or a college fund. Work toward them part-time, full-time or big-time—it’s up to you with Norwex!

A Norwex side gig not only provides a way to earn extra income—you’ll also be making a difference and helping to create brighter futures around the world. Connect with a Consultant or visit to find out more about joining our Mission.


*Starter Kit is provided at no charge, except for $9.99 shipping and handling plus tax, where applicable, to a new Independent Consultant who meets or exceeds the qualifying 30- or 90-day sales threshold from the date of enrollment. Norwex reserves the right to substitute or change contents based on availability.

**When following proper care and use instructions.